Saturday, January 28, 2017

Pegasus Odds and Earnings

Total career earnings of the field in today's Pegasus  race is $27.4 million, with California Chrome being the heavy-weight  with $14.5 million.

If you were to avoid the horses in this race with the lowest career earnings, they would be:

# 3 Neolithic,  $110,000        ML 30:1
# 8 Semper Fortis, $180,000  ML 50:1
#11 Eragon, $250,000            ML  50:1

# 5 War Story, $560,000        ML 50:1
#10 Breaking Lucky, $612,000   ML 25:1

These runners did not surpass the $1 million earnings mark, and also have long-odds in the morning line as noted above. 

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