Sunday, November 27, 2016

Final Race Day at G.P. West's Meet Yields Huge Payouts

There were 15 winning tickets, each paying $27,000.76 on the Rainbow 6 bet at the Gulfstream Park West meet on Sunday.

It was Gulfstream Park West's closing day for its meet in Miami Gardens, Fla. facility.

The mandatory payouts were large, as the pools grew throughout the day. Bettors added $374,000 to the Rainbow 6 pool today, so the payout grew to $405,000 including the carryover from Saturday.

The significant race for these multi-race wagers was race 7, where Who's That Chick, a 29:1 shot won by 2-1/2 lengths. That threw the pick-4, pick -5 and pick 6-wagers into a tizzy, and no doubt knocked out many from consideration.

The pick 4 paid $3,243, the pick 5 paid $23,115, and the pick 6 mentioned above paid over $27,000.

Interestingly, our review of the meet's wagers on the popular Rainbow 6 showed a single jackpot winner in 6 of the meet's 37 days of racing.

We'll continue to report on the data and trends for our readers as exciting racing starts again Saturday, Dec. 3rd at Gulfstream Park, as it begins the Champions' meet which runs through April 2.

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