Saturday, October 17, 2020

Rainbow 6 Coming Up at GP West

The fourth race is coming up at Gulfstream Park West/Calder.  

As we reported earlier--races five, seven and ten have been moved from turf to the dirt track that is listed as Fast.

The Rainbow 6 starts on the fifth race, with scheduled post of 2:16 p.m. and still time to get in.  Due to scratches, there are  44 starters, a relatively small number that enhances your chances of hitting it.

The carryover is $143,323.  Gulfstream is guaranteeing that the jackpot pool will be at least $250,000 if there is just one ticket with all six winning horses. We expect that bettors will put $150,000 or more into the Rainbow  6, thus covering the guarantee if needed.

This is the 11th day of the GP West meet.  Two facts to note:
* This is the seventh day on which meet sponsor Gulfstream Park has taken at least one race off the  turf because of rain or other wet conditions.

*The Rainbow 6 has not been "taken down" by a single ticket winner. So on each day, the payoff has worked this way--20 percent takeout, 56 percent divided among tickets with six winners, 24 percent added to carryover.

If you ae handicapping today's Rainbow 6, we say stick with it and don't be afraid to stick in a few extra horses.

The pool is not "life changing." But if you have one or two double-digit horses come in, you could pick up a non-greedy $10,000 or more.

Consider what happened on Friday.  

Betting on the Rainbow 6 was $59,637. There were 41starters. Three winners were favorites, and none of the others were higher than 9-1.

That suggests the possibility of a semi-chalky payoff.

But there were 22 winning tickets and each paid $1,550.74--not to be sneezed at.



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