Friday, October 30, 2020

GP West Saturday: Mandatory Rainbow 6 Payout; Pool Starts Out With $111,271 Carryover

By Jim Freer and Barry Unterbrink

The Gulfstream Park West meet n Saturday will have a mandatory payout on its Rainbow 6--regardless of the number of tickets with all six winning horses.

The pool will get started with a carryover of $111,271, which is eight race  days old.

Based on GP West wagering history it is likely that a carryover of that size will help generate $500,000 or more in Rainbow 6 bets.

GP West's nine-race Saturday card will have first post of 12:00 p.m. The meet is sponsored by Gulfstream Park and is run at Calder in Miami Gardens.

How the Bet Works

The Rainbow 6 will be on races four to nine with the sequence scheduled to start at 1:34 p.m. It is a 20-cents per combination-only bet, with multiple horses allowed in each race and thus multiple combinations.

For example, a ticket with two horses in each race has sixty-four horses and costs $12.80.

The Rainbow 6 jackpot consists of the entire coming-in carryover plus 80  percent of the day's new Rainbow 6 bets (20 percent takeout).

Gulfstream usually pays out the jackpot only if there is just one ticket with the winners of all six Rainbow 6 races.

On a mandatory payout day, the jackpot is divided among all tickets with six winners.

On non-mandatory days (such as Friday) when there are multiple tickets with all six winners, Gulfstream takes out 20 percent  of the new bet. It then divides 56 percent among winning tickets and adds 24 percent to the carryover. 

Friday Results

Friday was the eighth straight day with  multiple Rainbow 6 winning tickets--thus growing the carryover each day.

On Friday, there were 25 Rainbow 6 tickets with all six winners.  Each won $1,797.10 on a 20 cent bet.

 A key point to remember on the Rainbow  is: 

If you have one of the multiple winning Rainbow tickets on a day without a mandatory payout. , you win your share of 56 percent of the day's bet but none of the carryover. 

If you have one of the multiple winning tickets on a mandatory payout  day, you are part of a bigger pie and you win your share of 80 percent of the day's bet and your share of the entire carryover.

*On Saturday morning, we will post a story on handicapping the Rainbow, including  a video in which Gulfstream analysts Jason Blewitt and Ron Nicoletti make their selections.

Watching and Wagering

 The GP West meet is closed to spectators and does not have any live betting on site.

At its track in Hallandale Beach, Gulfstream has its north tent area open on GP West race days for simulcast betting on those races and on other tracks that are part of its regular simulcast menu.

Details can be found on Gulfstream's Web site or by calling the track at  (954) 454-7000.

Betting on Gulfstream West races may be done on most Advance Deposit Wagering (ADW) Internet and phone services. Many sports books, race tracks and OTB offices have simulcasting on GP West races.

Tampa Bay Downs, Hialeah Park and Pompano Park are among Florida pari-mutuels that carry the GP West simulcast schedule.




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