Friday, January 4, 2019

Gulfstream's Friday Card - 12:35 PM Post

Gulfstream hosts 10 races on its Friday card, with a first post of 12:35 PM. Five races are scheduled for the turf, normal for a 10 race day. 

There are no stakes races.

Thursday saw some long-odds horses win on the middle section of that card, which made for some high payouts for the few lucky bettors.

The 9:1, 12:1, and 9:1 winners in races 6,7,8 resulted in these payouts:
Late Pick 4, $2,389
Late Pick 5, $48,756
Rainbow 6, $17,120 (estimated 4 winners)
Just one odds favorite won in the last 6 races.

Bettors added $122,299 to the pool for the Rainbow, so the carryover is now $79,340. The Super High 5 was not hit on the last race, so that carryover is $13,744 in the first race today.

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