Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rainbow 6 HIt at Gulfstream for $39,648

Jive Daddy, at 7-1, won Gulfstream's eighth and final race on Thursday and that enabled one  Rainbow 6 ticket holder to take down the jackpot/carryover of $39,648.26.

That  was the only Rainbow 6 ticket with Jive Daddy and the winners of the other five Rainbow 6 races.

The Rainbow 6 is a 20-cent per combination only bet. Multiple horses can be used in each race, thus allowing multiple combinations per ticket.

The winning ticket cost $179.20 and was purchased on XPressbet, the ADW affiliate of Gulfstream. It had 896 combinations of  20 cent bets. 

Gulfstream will begin a new Rainbow 6 pool on Friday, on races five through ten.

First post is 1:15 p.m. for the ten-race card.
--Jim Freer

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