Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday Carryovers at Gulfstream

Gulfstream Park will have a Rainbow 6 carryover of $8,012 on Sunday.
First post is 12:50 p.m. for a ten-race card.  The Rainbow 6 is on races five to ten.  It is a 20-cent per combination only bet. Bettors can use multiple horses in each race and thus have multiple combinations.

On the first race, there is a carryover of $3,577.50 on the Super Hi-5—which requires picking the first five finishers in correct order. There were no winners on that bet in Saturday’s 13th and final race, thus producing the overnight carryover.

Gulfstream began a new Rainbow 6 pool on Saturday, with wagering of $33,410.  There were 54 tickets with the winners of all six races. Each of those tickets received $348.02.

Gulfstream took out 20 percent of the day's Rainbow 6 bet. It divided 56 percent among tickets with six winners and put 24 percent into a new carryover.

Gulfstream pays out the accumulated carryover (jackpot) only on days when there is just one ticket with the winners of all six Rainbow 6 races.

That happened on Friday, and the single winning ticket took down the jackpot of $221,019.

Gulfstream reported that the ticket cost $1,443.60 and was purchased through a TVG account.  Information on whether  it was purchased by an individual or group is not readily available.

It was the only ticket that had tenth and final race winner Deputy Dora, at 67-1, and the winners of the five other Rainbow 6 races.

The winning ticket had seven horses in the eighth race and four horses in each of the five other Rainbow 6 races.  That was a total of 7,168 combinations at 20 cents each.

The carryover coming into Friday was $165,999.  Bettors wagered $68,807 on the Rainbow 6—a high number for Friday.

Our research shows that $100,000 is one of the carryover benchmarks where the amount begins growing on Rainbow 6 wagering—and more pools that “go deep” start increasing their bets. The winning ticket on Friday may have been an example.
--Jim Freer

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