Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Saturday's Rainbow 6 Races Draw 82 Entrants

There are 82 horses entered, including Also Eligibles and Main Track Only, for the seventh through 12th races at Gulfstream Park on Saturday.

Those  are the races in the Rainbow 6, and sheer math indicates that betting teams will need to go deep to hit it.

Factoring in expected scratches the field sizes will probably average about 11 horses.

Gulfstream will have a mandatory payout on the Rainbow  6 carryover for Saturday,  even if there 
are multiple tickets with all six winners.

The carryover, after 50 days, is above $4 million.  There are no "single" tickets  left today as Gulfstream heads into the 11th and last race.

We are among those who expect that the carryover  will extend through Friday and reach about $5 million, and that $10 million or more could be bet on the Rainbow 6 on Saturday.

Before then, we will take several looks at the large fields.
--Jim Freer

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