Monday, March 21, 2016

Rainbow 6 Carryover Reaches $4 Million

The carryover on the Rainbow 6 will be $4,003,307 when Gulfstream Park resumes racing on Wednesday afternoon.

Gulfstream has 11 races on Wednesday with first post of 12:35 p.m.  The Rainbow 6 starts on the sixth race, with scheduled post of 3:05  p.m.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be the final three race days before Saturday's mandatory payout of the day's pool and full carryover--no matter the number of winning tickets.

The carryover is second largest in Rainbow 6 history, trailing one that reached almost $6.4 million in May 2014.
It keeps growing because Sunday was the 49th straight day without the jackpot-hitting requirement of just one ticket with the winners of all six Rainbow 6 races.

The carryover coming in on Sunday was $3,839,623. Bettors added $682,172 to the Rainbow 6.

There were 29 tickets with all six winners.  Each paid $13,382.24.

Per its rules on multiple winning ticket days. Gulfstream had a 20 percent takeout on the bet. It divided 56 percent among winning tickets and added 24 percent to the carryover.

It was not a day for the  longshot victors generally needed to produce  a  jackpot winning ticket. 

Four of  the Rainbow 6 winners were at odds  of  3-1 or lower. One was  at 6-1 and the other was 11-1. 

Wednesday's Rainbow 6 races have 58 entries, including also eligibles. That is not huge for the Rainbow 6.  And it is among reasons that multiple betting teams, going deep or even ALL in many  races, are likely to hit the bet on Wednesday through Friday.

If the carryover extends until Saturday, we are among those who expect that betting on the Rainbow 6 could be as high as $10 million that day.

Entries for the Saturday card will be out on Friday afternoon.

Carryover History
The scene is becoming similar to May 2014.  

The carryover coming into Sunday May 25 was $6,397,286.  A mandatory payout was scheduled for the next day--Memorial Day.

Gulfstream was counting on another carryover on May 25, and huge betting the next day.

But on May 25 the since deceased Dan Borislow won  the Rainbow 6 jackpot for $6,678,939.12.  He did that with a $7,600 bet that had all runners in five of the races and two horses in the other race. 

With seven race days left until March 26, there no doubt are some syndicates planning bets similar to Borislow's with a goal of taking down the whole carryover  before it would be split on March 26.  
-- Jim Freer and Barry Unterbrink


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