Sunday, March 27, 2016

New Rainbow 6 Pool Starts at $73,742.

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Bettors put $73,742 into a new Rainbow 6 pool at Gulfstream Park today, Easter Sunday.

That is almost three times more than the $25,515 that was bet on the Rainbow 6 on Jan. 14--the last time Gulfstream began a new Rainbow 6 pool.  That betting came on a Wednesday.

Avalancha, the 8-5 favorite, won today's  fifth race which was the first leg of the Rainbow 6.

Today is the first  day after yesterday's mandatory payout when bettors poured a record 10,782,375 into the Rainbow 6. They were attracted by a carryover of $4,503,332.

That carryover had grown over 52 days and Gulfstream had highly publicized that on  Saturday it would  pay out the carryover and the day's new bets even if there were multiple tickets with all six Rainbow 6 winners.

Except on mandatory days like Saturday, Gulfstream pays out the carryover only if there is just one ticket with all six winners.

On non-mandatory days (following the 20 percent takeout), Gulfstream divides 56 percent of the day's Rainbow 6 bet among tickets with multiple winners and puts 24 percent into the carryover.

The Rainbow 6 is a 20-cent only bet.  There are no consolation payoffs for having winners  in five races.

The last time there was  a single winning ticket was Wednesday Jan. 13.

Rainbow 6 betting the next day was $25,515.  Today's higher bets can be attributed to two factors:

*It is a weekend day, even though Easter when there  is no betting at tracks and OTBs in New York State.

*Publicity over the recent carryover has raised awareness of the Rainbow 6, and some bettors who had five of 6 yesterday might be thinking "get back."

--Jim Freer and Barry Unterbrink

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