Sunday, March 20, 2016

Buying Today's Rainbow 6 Would Cost $134,400

It would cost $134,400 to go ALL today in every race for Gulfstrean's Rainbow 6, with the 20-cent only per combination bet.

The carryover coming in is $3,839,623. That is second highest in the 6-year history of the bet.  

There no doubt are some teams going ALL in several races today, spending big money with a goal of having long shots that could produce the only ticket with all six winners--and thus  take down the jackpot.

Counting today, there are four racing days until the mandatory payout next Saturday March 26.

The Super Hi-5 was hit  for $143.7 in the fourth race.  So, a new pool is underway.
--Jim Freer
--Jim Freer

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