Saturday, January 9, 2021

Gulfstream's Rainbow 6 Mandatory Payoff Starts with Carryover of $1 Million

Gulfstream Park will have a carryover of just over $1 million in its Rainbow 6 on Saturday--a day with a heavily-promoted mandatory payout on that bet's jackpot.

Gulfstream will pay out all of that carryover and 80 percent of the day's new bets on the Rainbow 6, no matter the number of tickets with all six Rainbow 6 winners. On most days, it makes that payment only if there is just one ticket with all six winners. On all days, the Rainbow 6 has  a 20 percent takeout.

A review of Gulfstream wagering history indicates that a carryover that large will probably lure bettors around the country (see Note below)to add as much as $5 million to the Rainbow 6.

Saturday's first post will be at12:05 p.m. for an 11-race card.  The Rainbow 6, a 20 cents per combination-only bet, will be on races six through eleven with the sequence scheduled to start at 2:44 p.m.

On most days when there are multiple Rainbow 6 winning tickets, Gulfstream divides 56 percent of the day's bet among tickets with six winners and adds 24 percent to the carryover.

On Friday, when there was no mandatory payout there were 245 tickets with all six Rainbow six winners. Each won $772.70 on the 20 eent bet. 

The carryover coming in was $985,824. Betting on the Rainbow 6 was  $338,850. 

Program numbers of the six winning horses were 5-4-2-5-1-8.  Three winners were favorites. Other odds of winners were 13-1, 7-2 and 5-1.

The carryover for Saturday will be $1,066,988.

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