Wednesday, January 6, 2021

GP Wednesday Rainbow 6 Carryover is; $846,594; Championship Meet Handle on Pace with Lasr Year

After being dark on Monday  and Tuesday, Gulfstream Park will have ten races on Wednesday with first post of 12:35 p.m.

The carryover on the Rainbow 6, now ten race days old,  is  $846,594.

The 20 cents per combination-only bet will be on races five to ten with the sequence scheduled to begin at 2:38 p.m.

Gulfstream is guaranteeing that the Rainbow 6 pool (carryover plus new money bet) will be at least $1.4 million if there is just one ticket with all six winners.

This linkEquibase | Race Entries

to the Equibase Web site has the Gulfstream entries for Wednesday.  It has click-ons for handicapping material.  Some is for free. Some, including Past Performances, is at cost.

Sunday Results

On Sunday, each ticket with all six Rainbow  6  winners paid $16,708.94 on a 20-cent bet. HorseRacingFLA's  review of Equibase charts indicates there were 16 winning tickets.

Program numbers of the wining horses were 2-1-8-2-1-3.

Winning horses in the Rainbow 6  included three favorites and Plenum at 31-1 in the ninth race.

Betting on the Rainbow 6 was $475,931. Of that Gulfstream took out 20 percent, divided 56 percent among tickets with six winners and added 24 percent to the carryover

As in other recent days, speed horses fare well on dirt and several turf races were,wom b c losers in tigjh finisjhe

Rainbow 6: What's Ahead?

With the carryover closing in on $1 million, we expect that on Wednesday or Thursday, Gulfstream will announce a mandatory Rainbow 6  payout for this Saturday or Sunday.

Until last year, Gulfstream often let Rainbow 6 carryovers grow to $2 million or more--seting up days with $5 million or more in Rainbow 6 bets..

Then, it began declaring mandatory payouds when the carryover waas approachng 1 milion

Gulfstem founxd that carrvrs in thats =eange also mit draw $%

That has not happened on any of the 24 days thus far in the 2020-2021 champion.\ship mmet

On the 14th day, Saturday Dec. 19, Gulfsteam had a pblicied-in-advance mandatory paouy of theRainbpw 6--eregaredess of te numb of ticjets swith ixwinners

The Rainow 6  carryiver coming in that a was $839,355. Bettors added $5,336,552.  There were 580 tickets with all six winning horses.  Each paid $7,363.84.

We expect tuat on Wedenessday or THursday, Giulfstrfeam will announce a mansdatory RFaibo6  payout for this Sayurday ot Sinday/

Equibase | Race Entries

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