Friday, June 16, 2017

Carryover of Almost $1 Million Apears Certain in Rainbow 6

Gulfstream has run seven races, with two more to go, and it appears certain that there will be a carryover of approximately $999,000 for mandatory payout day on Saturday.

There are 4,027 live tickets, on a day when $198,411 was added to  the pool.
 The winners of today's first four legs, with program numbers and odds were:

4th race --Sarahthequeenbee (7) 2-1

 5th race -- King's Ghost (5) 8-5
6th race --  Tamper (3) 7-2
7th race -- Heart Astray (3) 2-1

Due to scratches there will be only five starters in the eighth race. There will be nine starters in the ninth race.

It is safe to say that there will be multiple winning tickets today.
--Jim Freer


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