Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Gulfstream: 15-1 Shesthewinner Takes Finale

Shesthewinner, at 15-1, lived up to her name and won Gulfstream's eighth and final race on Wednesday--leading to a big payoff in the Late Pick 5 and a continuation of the Rainbow 6 carryover.

In the Rainbow 6, there were no tickets with the winners of all six races. Tickets with five winners received $7,922.20 on the 20 cent per combination-only bet.

Gulfstream added $16,161 to the carryover--growing it to $185,954 for Thursday's nine-race card that has first post of 1:15 p.m.

On the late Pick 5, a 50 cent bet with all five winners paid $18,163.60.

On Thursday, Gulfstream's fourth race will have a carryover of $15,529.80.  That race has eight entrants, and is the day's first race that could have seven or more starters and thus offer the Super Hi-5.  Thursday's first, second and third races all have just six entrants.

It is a $1 minimum bet that requires picking the first five finishers in correct order.  There are  no consolation payoffs, such as four-of-five.  If no tickets have the full correct order, the pool rolls over to the next eligible race.

On Wednesday, there were no winning Super Hi-5 tickets in either of the last two races.

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