Saturday, June 13, 2020

Bettors Pour $7.7 Million Into Gulfstream Rainbow 6

Here are the winners of the first four legs today of Gulfstream's Rainbow  6 with a mandatory payout.

Program numbers are   in parentheses.

Seventh race - (3) Constitutional Pal 3-1
Eighth Race --  (6)Vincent William  6-1
Ninth Race --  (6) Hot and Heavy 5-1
Tenth Race --  (8) Reservenotttained 5-1

There are 18,612 live  ticket combinations.

The 50 cent Pick 3 on the ninth race of  3-6-6 paid $98.25.

The carryover comingin was $1,861,650.

Bettors added $7,705,766 to the Rainbow 6.

The amount to  be paid out is $8,026,663. That is tghe full carryover  plus 80 percent of the day's Rainbow 6 bet.

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