Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Gulfstream Rainbow 6 Pool Starts at $85,583

By Jim Freer and Barry Unterbrink

Bacano (8), at 4-1, won Wednesday's  fifth race at Gulfstream Park, to start the Rainbow 6.

Betting on the Rainbow 6 was $85,583 as Gulfstream began a new pool on the 20-cent per combination only bet.

On Sunday, Gulfstream had a mandatory payout on a Rainbow 6  pool that had built up a carryover of $3,612,594 over 41  race days.

Over the final  three weeks of that carryover, Rainbow 6 wagering was more than $300,000 all but one day.

A drop-off was expected for the start of a new pool.

Bettors on Sunday added $10,675,583 to the Rainbow  6 pool,

Per its mandatory payout, Gulfstream distributed the full coming-in carryover and 80  percent of the day's  new  Rainbow 6  bet (20 percent  takeout) among  all tickets that had all six Rainbow race winners.

 Each winning ticket received $11,600.60.

 Gulfstream  reported  that  there were "multiple winning tickets," but did not disclose  the number.

HorseRacingFLA's review of Equibase charts showed there were 1,047 winning Rainbow 6 tickets.

On non-mandatory days,  Gulfstream  pays out the Rainbow 6  carryover and 80  percent of the new bet only if there is just one ticket with all six Rainbow 6  wniners.

On  non-mandatory days with multiple winning  tickets, Gulfstream  takes out  20 percent of  the day's Rainbow 6 bet. It then divides  56 percent p among the tickets with six  winners and adds  24  ptcent to the carryuver/

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