Thursday, October 19, 2017

It Might Be Time to Hop on the Rainbow 6

The third race at GP West  will be the start of the Rainbow 6, with scheduled post of 2:21 p.m.

The carryover is $62,884 and there are  47  starters.

In our view, this could be an opportune  day for going deep in several races with the hope that longshots will make your ticket the only one with all six winners.  In that case you would  take down the jackpot of the full carryover plus 80 percent of the day's new Rainbow 6 bet.

But the chance of that happening could diminish soon for the individual bettor.

If the carryover reaches $100,000, syndicates will start  increasing their Rainbow 6 play--and probably take the same longshots you  take.

In that case, your best prospect is sharing in a non-jackpot Rainbow 6 payoff. 

Stay tuned for more Rainbow 6 analysis.
--Jim Freer

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