Tuesday, October 22, 2019

HorseRacingFLA: Adds Handicapping on Rainbow 6

By Jim Freer and Barry Unterbrink

Beginning Wednesday Oct. 23, HorseRacingFLA is adding handicapping to our already extensive coverage of the Rainbow 6 at Gulfstream Park-sponsored race meets.

On race days, we will have a story on our Web site and on our blog with a recommended ticket on the Rainbow 6. In addition, wc will publish recommended bets on the day's  final  race.

We will publish our picks at approximately 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time,  This will allow us to account for  scratches, track conditions and the weather forecast.
Our Rainbow 6 handicapping will be for the duration of the Gulfstream Park West meet, held at Calder. We will continue it with the Gulfstream Park championship meet that begins Nov. 29.

Our suggested Rainbow 6 tickets will usually be less than $60. That will provide guidance for the  "small bettor" or group of bettors that might want to go  three horses or more deep on some races--while not breaking a wagering budget.

Starting this Wednesday, HRFLA will also handicap and publish recommended bets on the day's last race at GP West and later at Gulfstream (also the last race of the Rainbow 6).

For our last race bets, we have an imaginary $1,000 stake for the GP West meet that will end Nov. 24.

We are handicapping the last race because some  bettors like to start their Rainbow 6 handicapping with it, using it as a race where they go three or more horses deep.

Gulfstream usually cards the last race slot with a maiden claiming or other claiming race with ten or more horses--definitely hard to figure out.  

And in case you have been knocked out of the Rainbow 6  or Late :Pick 5, the last race offers a chance to catch up and "get out alive." 

We are  happy to provide guidance for  our readers.

We will track and publish  the results of our final race bets.

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