Wednesday, October 16, 2019

GP West: Three Carryovers on Thursday Card; Large Pool Expected on Late Pick 5

 When the Gulfstream Park West meet resumes on Thursday it will again have three carryovers--including  $127,087 on the Rainbow 6 and an enticing $163,572 on the Late Pick 5.

The  Rainbow 6 is on races three to eight with the  sequence scheduled to start at 2:00 p.m.

The Late  Pick 5  is on races four to eight with the sequence scheduled to start at 2:30 p.m.

Based on previous betting patterns with large  carryovers, we expect that $300,000 or more could be bet on the Rainbow 6. That would be about six times higher than the approximately $50,000 on that bet at GP West on weekdays when there is not a carryover.

The GP West meet,  held at Calder in Miami Gardens, also will have a carryover of $1,110 on the first race on the Super Hi-5 wager.

A main reason for the carryovers is that 70-1 shot Irish Expectations won the ninth and final race.

On Sunday and on Monday, the most recent GP West race day, there were no tickets with all six winners in the Rainbow 6 and no tickets with all five winning horses in the late Pick 5.

On both days, there were no tickets with the first five finishers in the Super Hi-5 in the final  race.

Program numbers of Monday's winning horses in the Rainbow 6 were 1-8-4-2-2-10.

Three winners were favorites at 5-2  or lower.  Other winning odds were 8-1 and 14-1.

On Thursday there are 56 entrants in the Rainbow 6 races, including also eligibles and main track only.

Early on Thursday, we will review the Monday results and preview the Thursday races.

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