Saturday, August 25, 2018

Gulfstream's Saturday Card

Gulfstream's Saturday Card is planned to run 12 races, with the first post at 12:45 PM ET.

The lone Stakes race is the Benny the Bull in race 11 at approx. a 6:00 PM post time

Mo Cash is the odds favorite here at 5:2 ML, followed by Splash Rules at 7:2 ML.
Friday's racing action was 10 races with huge payouts on the late Pick 5 and Rainbow 6 wagers. The late Pick 5 paid $17,343 and the Rainbow 6 sole winner took home $165,639. 
The last 5 races (6-10) yielded some interesting odds for the winners, in that two horses were 10:1 or higher, and the last two race winners edged out the favorite who placed second (Luna Lunita and Cartersville placed). 
There was one two year-old race in the mix (6) as well.

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