Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rainbow Six Carryover Now Above $1.7 Million

The Rainbow 6 carryover will be $1,710,957 on Thursday at Gulfstream Park. 

There will be 11 races on Thursday, with first post of 12:35 p.m. The Rainbow 6 will start on the sixth race with post of 3:05 p.m.

The carryover keeps growing because Wednesday was the 31st consecutive day with multiple tickets that had all six winners.

Each winning ticket paid $13,623.94. By our calculation there were 13 of them.

Gulfstream went into the day with a carryover of $1,634,118.  Bettors added $320,245, of which 24 percent ($76,399) was added to the carryover.

There were 51 runners in the Rainbow 6 races.  All of the winners were at 8-1 odds or lower. None of the winners were favorites.

Gulfstream pays out the full Rainbow 6 pool of the day’s bets (minus the 20 percent takeout) plus the carryover only on days when there is just one ticket with all six winners.

On other days Gulfstream divides 70 percent of the day’s bets (minus the takeout) among those bettors holding tickets with the most winners, while 30 percent (minus takeout) is added to the carryover.

The most recent day with a single Rainbow 6 winner was Jan. 13, when it was hit for $76,799.38.
-- Jim Freer and Barry Unterbrink


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