Thursday, November 26, 2015

GP West: Early Thanksgiving First Post of 11:40

HorseracingFLA Staff Report

The Gulfstream Park West meet will have ten races today with a special Thanksgiving day first post time of 1!:40 a.m.

Gulfstream Park is holding the meet at Calder, under a lease agreement with that track.

On Friday and again on Saturday, Gulfstream will have 11 races with first post time of 12:00 p.m. The Saturday card has six stakes races, all for 2-year-olds.

Saturday will be closing day for the 40-day GP West meet. On Dec. 5 Gulfstream, at its track in Hallandale Beach, will begin its 2015- 2016 championship meet.

Rainbow 6

There will be a $62,666 carryover today on the Rainbow 6.

And there is the prospect of a much bigger carryover on Sunday, the meet’s closing day, when there would be a mandatory payout of the full pool if the Rainbow 6 “jackpot” is not hit prior to then.

The Rainbow 6 is a 20-cent per combination only bet on the day’s last six races, today the fifth through tenth.

At its own track and at the GP West meet, Gulfstream pays out the full Rainbow 6 pool (day’s bets plus carryover) only on days when there is just one ticket with all six winners.

On other days, Gulfstream divides 70 percent of the day’s pool (minus the 20 percent takeout) among tickets with the most winners and adds the other 30 percent to the carryover.

There were no tickets sold with all six winners Sunday, the most recent GP West race day. Tickets with five of six winners were each worth $3,782.46. The carryover has been growing since Nov. 8, when there was one winning ticket that paid $75,095.92.

A state law prohibits a track from continuing a multi-race carryover from one meet to another. Thus there is the requirement of the full payout on Saturday. Because of the mandatory payout there is the prospect that $200,000 or more will be bet on the Rainbow 6–and that the pool would be $300,000 or more.

When Gulfstream will start a new Rainbow 6 pool on Dec. 5 when it begins its 2015-2016 championship meet.

GP West: Early Thanksgiving First Post of 11:40

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