Friday, December 16, 2022

Friday: 9 Races at Gulfstream Park; 12:10 PM Post


Gulfstream Park has a 9-race program Friday. First post is at 12:10 PM.

No stakes races are on the Friday card. The 4th through 9th races are the Rainbow 6 races, starting at approximately 1:36 PM. The carryover there is $12,356.

Editors Barry Unterbrink and Jim Freer

It was an uneventful day Thursday. Seven favorites won, while the high-odds win was just 3.8:1 in race 8. Three races were taken off the turf and moved to the All-Weather track. Only race 4 saw the dirt track under the saddles.

Thirty winners cashed the Rainbow 6 wager for $969.40 each. Today's carryover there is $12,356. The winning positions were: 7-6-3-2/3/7/9/13/14/15-3-6/7/8. The dash (-) indicates the post position winner for that leg of the races (race 4 is listed first, position 7). The slash (/) indicates the additional winners of that leg due to scratches or change of track surface AFTER the wager was closed. Hope that helps readers understand this better. Other late wagers paid:

Late Pick 4: $149.65
Late Pick 5: $505.45
The Late Pick 5 attracted 4 times the money of the Rainbow 6; maybe a testament as to how hard it is to get that latter bet correct?

Total all-sources track handle was $4.43 million Thursday, along with a $348,000 purse size. We wish all our readers a safe and prosperous Holiday Season!


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