Sunday, October 28, 2018

Rainbow 6 Hit for $162,143 at GP West

The Rainbow 6 at the Gulfstream Park West meet was hit by just one ticket on Saturday and it paid $162,143.62 on the 20-cent only bet.

GP West will have a new Rainbow 6  pool on Sunday,  on races five through ten with the sequence scheduled to start at 3:19 p.m.

First post is 1:15 p.m. for the ten-race card at Calder in Miami Gardens. Fla.

As of Saturday night, GP West sponsor Gulfstream Park had not disclosed the identity of the individual  or group that had the wining ticket.

The payoff consisted of the entire 10-day carryover of $90,222 plus 80 percent of the day's Rainbow 6 bets of $89,924 (20 percent takeout).

Gulfstream pays out that Rainbow 6 jackpot only on days when there is just one ticket with  all six winners.

On other days it takes out 20 percent of the day's Rainbow 6 bet, divides 56 percent among tickets with the most winners (usually six) and adds 24 percent to the carryover.

The winning Rainbow 6 combination was 1-5-5-8-8-3.

In Sunday's first race there is a carryover of $16, 964 on the  Super Hi-5. It is a $1 minimum bet that requires picking the first five finishers in correct order with no consolation payoffs such as four of five.

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