Sunday, May 28, 2023

Sunday's Gulfstream Racing; 2 Carryovers from Saturday

 by HorseRacing FLA staff

Gulfstream Park has a 9-race card Sunday.

First post is at 12:50 PM, with no stakes races planned. The Rainbow 6 will get started at approximately 2:18 PM in race #4 with a $130,735 carryover.

Saturday, three 10:1 odds winners in the last 4 races made handicapping difficult for the late races. Five favorites won on the day, but they were in the first 6 races. 

In Saturday's racing at Gulfstream, 70 winners cashed the Rainbow 6 payoff of $875.32 each. No bettor matched 6 of 6 on the Rainbow wager, so it paid out on 5 of 6.

The best payout Saturday was the Late Pick 5, at $18,810. There were 6-7 winners on that wager. Interestingly, if you added the favorite on race 6 to your Pick 5 wager, making it a Pick 6, (races 6-11), you may have taken down the Rainbow 6 jackpot! Could-a, Should-a they say.

The winning Rainbow 6 program numbers were:6-2-7-7-2-4.
The Super High 5 has a $3,963 carryover Sunday also.

All sources track handle registered $7.43 million Saturday, $109,444 of that bet on the Rainbow 6.

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