Saturday, June 15, 2019

Gulfstream Track Now Muddy

With the fourth race coming up, the Gulfstream dirt track has been downgraded from Sloppy to Muddy.

The Rainbow  6 is on races  seven to  12, with the sequence scheduled to begin at  3:52 p.m.  The carryover, now 45  days old. is $2,402,684.

Due to scratches, mainly weather-related, the number of starters for the  six races has been reduced to 51--a low number for the Rainbow 6 on a Saturday.

More so than on most days,  it likely will take two or  even three longshot winners to result in just one ticket with all Rainbow 6 winners (i.e. the requirement for a bettor to take down the carryover.)

Many betting syndicates are playing the Rainbow 6 and will be going deep in many races.  Along with smaller bettors, they will be doing off-track handicapping and trying to find a horse that might be able to  take an early lead and steal  a race in the mud.

We will check back later with a few suggestions.

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