Friday, November 17, 2017

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GP West Back on Turf for Friday

Racing is back on the turf on Friday at the Gulfstream Park West meet, which is run at Calder in Miami Gardens.

Skies were clear at Calder at 10:30 a.m., amid expe ctations that they  would stay  that way.

The course is listed as Firm and the dirt track is listed as Fast for the nine-race  card with first post of 12:35 p.m.

That follows Thursday, when four of the five scheduled-for-turf races were moved to dirt, and Wednesday, when all five scheduled for turf races were moved to dirt—due to wet conditions from rain that fell earlier those days.

Thursday was the  34th  day  of the 40-day GP West meet that will end Nov. 26.  On eleven days, meet sponsor Gulffstream Park took most or all of its scheduled-for-turf races off that surface.

Last  year, races were taken off turf on only four days in the 37-day meet.

Five of today’s races--the odd-numbered ones—are scheduled for turf with the rail at  20 feet.
The carryover on the Rainbow 6 is $42,656.  It  is  on races four to  nine.

The Weather Channel  forecast is for  just a 15 percent chance of rain during racing hours.

GP West: What's in Store for Friday

The Gulfstream Park West meet has a nine-race  card on Friday, with first post of 12:35 p.m.

The  carryover on the Rainbow  6 is $42,656, starting with  the ninth race.

We will have coverage later this morning and in the afternoon on this blog.

The GP West meet is held at Calder in Miami  Gardens.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

GP West: Four Races off the Turf

At  the Gulfstream Park West meet, four  of Thursday's five  scheduled-for-turf races have been moved to the dirt track that is .listed as Sloppy.

Those races are the first third, fifh  and ninth.

The  seventh race remains on the turf.
First  post  is 12:35 p.m for the races that  are held at Calder n Miami  Gardens.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Rainbow 6 Carryover Grows to $36,373

The Gulfstream Park West meet will have a Rainbow 6  carryover of $36,373 on Thursday.

First post will be 12:35 p.m. for a nine-race card at Calder in Miami Gardens.  The Rainbow  6 will begin with the fourth race.

It will follow a rainy and chalky Wednesday at GP West.

There were 127 tickets with the winning horses in all six Rainbow 6 races. Each ticket paid $147.06 on the 20  cent only bet.

Our review of Equibase charts shows that was the largest number of winning Rainbow 6  tickets at GP West  this year.

  Wednesday was the 33rd day of the 40-day meet that began Oct. 4 and will end Nov. 30.

Five of the Wednesday winning horses were favorites, and the other was 5-2.
Four of theRainbow 6 races were scheduled for turf, but because of morning rain they were  moved  to the dirt track that was sealed and listed as Sloppy.

The carryover is growing because Wednesday was the fifth straight day without the jackpot payoff requirement of  there being just one ticket with the winners of all six Rainbow 6 races.

The jackpot consists of the entire carryover plus 80 percent of the day’s wagering on the  Rainbow 6.

The carryover coming on Wednesday was $28,401.
Bettors added $33,235 to the Rainbow 6. Gulfstream took out 20 percent of that. Per its rules on days with multiple winning tickets, it divided 56 percent  of  the day’s bets among the winning tickets and added 24 percent to  the carryover.

The Rainbow 6 is a 20-cent per combination-only bet. Multiple horses can be used in each race, thus setting up a ticket with multiple 20 cent combinations.  For example, a ticket with two horses in each race has 64 combinations and costs $12.80.